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Business area in Patong for rent at new main road (Phang Muang Sai Kor Road)

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An investment in the heart of Patong / Phuket

With predictable development of the environment the value of the real estate rises fast: an ideal living/state of business today as well as an investment for tomorrow.

• Pharmacy-Guest house-Apartment
• Plot of land: 112 square meter
• Living and net floor area: 448 square meter (without roof terrace) on 4 floors
• Ground floor: business area 112 square meter
• 1. floor: 1 room with bath and furnished + 2 Rooms for stuff
• 2. floor: 2 room with bath and furnished
• 3. floor: 2009 fully renovated. Apartment on complete floor. Modern refurbished, PVC-Windows, parquet   flooring, fully air-conditioned, fully furnished,
  Living- dining room with open kitchen
  2 Bathrooms
  2 Bedrooms
  Roof terrace

Sale price: 30`Mill Baht


A real estate in Paradise

Modern single family house in Phuket - Rawai in quiet location

Living and net floor area: 348 square meter on 2 floors (without garden)
Outdoor area: Small garden
Swimming pool
Shower room
Ground floor: 1 Living room
1 Kitchen/Dinning room
1 Bathroom
2 Terraces

2. floor: central living room
1 Master bedroom with bath and bath tub
2 Balconies
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom with shower

Sale price: 9,8`Mill Baht



However, the law doesn`t prohibit that a foreigner owns a house and / or a building. In many cases a leasing contract for purposes of living and a licence – hire agreement for the site and ground over 30 years together with a right to extend the contract will be signed. A maximum term for hire agreements for 30 years is planned by the law. However, with on additional contract it is often agreed up on that an extension for further 30 years will be granted as well and that in case of a non-fulfilment of the obligations contracted a high payment will be due. Such contracts will have to be registered in the land register in order to be lawful.

Your rights

Foreigners have the right to have loon contracts registered in the land register. This is a secure method to cover its investment. The borrower is not allowed to sell the land or house without the consent of the lender. The entry and the registration in the land title (land register) is the preconditions for that.


Please don’t get to be feeling insecure by the often self-styled legal advisers but contact reputable consulting offices and lawyers. You will see that the legal position is not as complicated as after described by a lot of pundits.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.