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The Concept-Bricks

It is NOT a house which is ready-mode.
It is NOT a boring unit-architecture.

Every house of us is unique. You have endless many possibilities to create your dream house with the assistance of our company. It plays not rule, if it is either a modern building house architecture or a classical detached house or even a Mediterranean ensemble-everything is possible.

The versatile types from homes plus the individual design are giving any object an own grade. Your own grade. And our optimate building description shows that low-priced building doesn’t have to mean a high living comfort.

With our Concept-bricks we will accompany you in every construction period which means from the planning up to the finished moving house.

- Building attendance from Germany
- Whole correspondence / E-Mails in English
- Whole final accounting and payment in English as well as the  whole transaction
- Digital photographs during the construction period per E-Mail
- visiting the building site one or two times a day
- Regular reports per E-Mails to the building owner
- Our staff will exactly explain you the contracts, so that you are able to use and administrate your object to 100%   like your property.
- All contracts will be interpreted by a sworn translate from English into Thai.

This will all parties involved the security to obtain the correct contracts!


– You are still unsure how and what you would like to build?
– You are interested in new ideas and care about the quality?
– You would like to cooperate with likeable and reliable people?

gut beratenIf it is the case then we are the right partner for you. We will help you in order to search and choose the plot and we will take the appropriate building materials, and last but not least we control all construction term and costs. For any questions for the constructions we are the competent person to talk to for you.

Think in chances. Unusual considerations are the reasons why we get on. New points of view as well as combinations are in great demand. Our building consulter is open for changes which designs creative construction models. This, you will be able to get exactly that what makes the comfortable future so attractive.

Our team of CONCEPT HOUSE PHUKET Co., Ltd.

We offer you a comprehensive planning in advance creative draft and input planning as well as a qualified working plan.
Let us together make your home for what you will be envied.

With regard to the looking and type of the house and flat you are demonstrating your personality and your individual ideas. Hence, the internal valves are very important. Frequently, it is hardly visible but exactly these details make the living for you all the more like on exciting experience.

RenovierungYou are only able to assume the brilliance of many houses the last few days. By means of creations of mental work as well as perfect manual work we obtain the living spaces of yesterday and combine them with the comfort of today for the needs of tomorrow.

At the sometime little reconstructions works or even modernization of the bath, which we undertake also without problems and unobtrusive in inhabited homes, are belonging to our service-bricks as well as the complete redevelopment of your home.

If requested, we will taking over your order of course, completely as well. It doesn´t matter whether at our or your building Concepthouse Phuket Co., Ltd. Thailandsite. Save time and nerves by giving more time to your family and your hobbies and keep concentrate on your workplace. We deal with all “construction-homework’s” instead of you, meaning that eventually are able to move relaxes into on all-round finished home. We set new trends in the house building and contribute to a higher quality of living art the sometime.

At the first sight the turnkey ready design of houses is among many companies hardly unique. It depends on the “How”.

Confidence, atmosphere, attendance all-around your “little concerns” before, during and after the mutual construction period as well as an uncomplicated and direct service.

Our philosophy “The building partner-concept for the whole life”.

Handicapped, wheelchair accessible planning and building (new building, rebuilding, renovation)

BarrierefreiThe reduced mobility, which accompanies with a handicap or an illness, makes frequently new demands against the structural and technical equipment of a house or a dwelling. The change or new building of a accessible dwelling requires a careful planning: For us is the highest goal foresighted planning project of arranging the dwelling and the residential environment in such a way that humans with a handicap can live as independently and comfortably as possible therein and not additionally "obstructed" become.

Rules concerning for handicap-accessible build e.g. in Germany are contained in different laws and regulations. The technical bases and requirements of handicapped-accessible build are in

„Handicapped-accessible housing and build DIN 18025 part of 1/2”

DIN 18025 regulates above all general aspects of architecture (movement areas, entrance, floor mats, etc.) as well as central of installation measures. In addition, the DIN standards e.g. give information over characteristics of individual products, like toilets, washstands, armatures and grasps.

In principle however it is valid that humans represent yardstick for planning and build. This guiding principle must particularly be valid for that handicapped-accessible build and housing. Therefore the knowledge and consideration of some human measures and courses of motion are an indispensable condition for the organization of a handicapped-accessible structural environment.